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Journey to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

 Wadi Rum – The Valley of the Moon   Wadi Rum – Rumm the Magnificent Following in the footsteps of T.E. Lawrence one cannot but be humbled by the sheer size of the sandstone and granite rocks accompanied by the vastness of the Southern Desert in between – the rift valley – as Lawrence wrote in … Read the full post »


The Bride and the Bachelors

      This exhibition currently running at the Barbican Centre, London until June 9th 2013. It is a must for all devotees of the father of conceptual art Marcel Duchamp – partnered with John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg you have a ‘kick ass’ show that exemplifies: everything old is new … Read the full post »

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All good things must come to an end!

My final day in Beijing and what better way to end this amazing adventure than to travel to The Ming Tombs and The Great Wall at Mùtiányù. Another scorcher of a day but being the last day of exploration this will be the last “Mad dogs and Englishwomen out in the midday sun!”  I am … Read the full post »

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Bike ride to Caochangdi

Those intrepid artists strode off on their trusty Red Gate bicycles for the journey from Bei Gao studios to Caochangdi Art District home to a wealth of galleries hosting the cream of Beijing’s elite artists. We cautiously manoeuvred our bikes around building construction sites, cavernous roads, people, other cyclists and vehicles all wending their way through … Read the full post »

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Shop till you drop!

Panjiayuan Markets also known as the Dirt Market or the Sunday markets – it has everything from Cultural Revolution stuff by the truckload – Mao’s little red book in its thousands – calligraphy, Buddha heads and Chinese Tigers to ceramics and Tibetan carpets. It apparently boasts some 50,000 visitors a day hoping for a treasure … Read the full post »


Red Gate Residency Exhibition 25th August 2012

  So the day came!! Friday night was spent editing 40 minutes of film from the collaboration project down to 8 mins whilst battling an allergic reaction to Chinese medicine prescribed for my Mongolian flu – amazing what you can overcome when the word exhibition comes into the frame! Usual story, a mad dash to organise … Read the full post »


Songzhuang Artist Village Beijing

Only in China! When I say artist village it is just that – a purpose-built area that hold some 2,000 artists all in enormous studios churning out work ad infinitum – extraordinary – I can think of nowhere else on the planet where a city specifically organises space for their artists to create. It really gives … Read the full post »


Talk the Torgo!

From the sublime to the ridiculous – I stride forth from a Poverty Workshop to a sumptuous fashion show in the city featuring some of UB’s top designers but starring the incredible fabrics that Mongolia is notorious for. Having frequented fashion shows in London & Milan – albeit 20th century – I had an inkling I was … Read the full post »

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One Ger at a time

    For a country so rich in traditional culture and identity, with its natural minerals that have the world rubbing their hands together you might find it strange to imagine that 70% of the population live in the ger district in Ulaanbataar. A ger is the traditional home of Mongolians – somewhat like the … Read the full post »

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Sonia does The Steppes!!

Day 3 as the flu made an impromptu visit and had me bed-bound for the Sunday sleeping and writing – quite understandable considering the pace of the last 2 weeks. So today we, Nomy our driver and yours truly venture out to the countryside – The Steppes – to see the wide open plains of … Read the full post »

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